Technical and social innovation

Developing new practices to meet social needs in a better way

UNB exists to serve the public good and has a long history of driving positive community development. The Integrated Health Initiative will apply UNB’s proven strengths in fostering innovation to equip the next generation of health and social innovators to mobilize tangible change.

Innovation incubator

The Innovation Incubator will be a place where students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders can hone ideas, inventions and solutions to existing health care challenges – and acquire the entrepreneurship skills necessary to launch viable products into the marketplace and into common health care practice.

Innovators will gain relevant industry experience and also leverage their inventions, with private enterprise in the neighboring Health and Technology District Saint John.

Social determinants of health

The Integrated Health Initiative will influence important change in the region related to the social determinants of health, by leveraging existing expertise in:

It will also be home to a new Antipoverty Lab, in partnership with local business leadership.