A vision for the future

Systemic health care reform in New Brunswick – and inspiration for the rest of Canada

There is no more challenging and important issue facing Canada today than the delivery of effective, efficient and sustainable health care.

UNB and its partners are working to change the future of health care, today.

How? By offering students, researchers and existing healthcare professionals a variety of interdisciplinary training and leadership opportunities. By translating research into policy, action and tools that can be applied in real time in various healthcare environments. By creating intentional spaces for thinkers and change-makers to meet and for ideas to collide across the academic, private and public sectors.

We call it integrated health and we believe it will create bold solutions that will drive effective change and transformation in our society.

Economic impact

The Integrated Health Initiative has been identified as a top priority for economic development in the Saint John region.

Beyond health reform, this multi-year initiative will be a powerful magnet for motivated students, highly qualified faculty and world-class researchers. It is expected to inject $44.5M annually in payroll and research funds into the local economy.

The Integrated Health Initiative will also help energize the private sector, by attracting out-of-province investors to the campus and creating a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs working alongside scientists, clinicians and health care providers from a variety of technology and research fields. The expected long term impact on the private sector ranges between $100M and $300M.