A building like no other

Health and Social Innovation Centre

February 2024

Construction work on the Health and Social Innovation Centre (HSIC) is ongoing with great progress being made.

Currently, crews are working to install footings and foundation walls that will support the new building. Rock breaking is happening close to Hazen Hall to prepare for footings to support our new staircase that will be installed along the north/south corridor in front of the future building.

This work at Hazen Hall is scheduled to be finalized within the next two weeks. Then the crew will move towards Ganong Hall to complete the same type of preparation work.

Once this is finished, additional rock breaking will continue by Hazen Hall, to prepare the site to house the 60 geo-thermal wells that will be utilized to heat and cool the new facility.

Rock breaking will be suspended during the final winter exam period.

The tunnels leading to and through the WCL are closed.

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