Get involved

There are a variety of ways you can get involved with sustainability on campus.

Change your behaviour

  • Reduce your consumption of animal products.
  • Support local farmers.
  • Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot.
  • Try travelling by bike, bus or carpool, reducing the emissions released into the atmosphere.
  • Conserve energy by unplugging items when you are not using them.
  • Reduce waste with reusable water bottles and coffee thermoses.
  • Conserve water; don’t leave the tap running.

Campus events

You can also participate in our campus-wide events that happen throughout the year, such as:

Follow UNB Sustainability on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date. 

Campus groups

vegan and veg society UNB

Be a part of the student movement! Various student groups on campus contribute to sustainability at UNB.

Join a group

A group created to promote sustainability on campus. The UNB Sustainability Office Volunteer Team is made up of students from multiple societies, on both campuses, to promote sustainable living through education and events. If you're interested in the Team, reach out to UNB Sustainability at to hear more.

A group of Saint John students dedicated to promoting sustainability and making a positive environmental impact on their university and community. They work together to reduce waste, conserve energy, and encourage environmentally friendly practices. Learn more about how you can help society by visiting their Instagram page.

The Fredericton Society organizes events and activities that promote sustainability, such as recycling drives, campus cleanups, and educational events. They also work to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage others to take action. Visit their Instagram page to learn more!

A society within the Environment and Natural Resources program at UNB who organize events surrounding engagement with the environment and promote sustainable practices on campus.

ArtZone is a home base available to students interested in creating art. Every year for World Water Day, ArtZone hosts a special exhibit to raise awareness of environmental issues related to water conservation. ArtZone also participates in and promotes many other sustainability activities throughout the year.

A club dedicated to providing students with wildlife-related skills and volunteer experience. They also host and promote sustainability-related events on campus. If you want more information about the Wildlife Society email them or visit their Facebook page