About UNB Sustainability

UNB sustainability

UNB Sustainability supports UNB in advancing as a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable institution.

UNB Sustainability works on various projects with many internal and external partners to improve the sustainability of the UNB Fredericton and Saint John campuses. We work with students, staff and faculty to increase the sustainability of university academics, engagement, operations, planning and administration.

Our goal is to promote sustainable action and green living at UNB.

UNB’s approach to sustainability

UNB understands and accepts the responsibility, as an institution of educators, researchers and community members, to support the advancement of sustainability locally and globally.

By definition, sustainability is meeting the world’s current needs without hindering future generations from meeting their needs. This concept mirrors the known philosophy of many Indigenous groups, "seventh-generation," where people make choices based on the impact for hundreds of years into the future.

UNB views sustainability as a simultaneous pursuit to achieve economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social equality. You can read our Green Review article What is Sustainability? to learn more.

Our team

The UNB Sustainability team sits in the Energy and Sustainability Unit of the Capital Planning and Operations Department. When UNB Sustainability was established in 2014, a Sustainability Coordinator (now Manager of Sustainability) was hired to develop and implement programming. Since then, more team members have been added to support our growing list of sustainability initiatives.

Director of Energy and Sustainability

Tom Gilmore

Tom Gilmore (he/him) is UNB's Director of Energy and Sustainability.  After over a decade in the manufacturing world following the completion of his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, Tom returned to UNB to apply his energy efficiency experience and passion to UNB’s operations.  Tom is responsible for a long-standing Energy Management Program (EMP), UNB’s utilities portfolio for over 2.5M sqare feet of building space, as well as the Central Heating Plant (CHP) and steam distribution system, which also supplies the local hospital. 

UNB’s EMP has invested over $14M in energy saving projects since 1996 and continues to invest in projects that reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases.  In 2014, the first position solely focused on sustainability was added to the Energy group to help improve UNB’s sustainability in areas beyond utilities.  Over the years this has grown into a sustainability group responsible for the strategic planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of all aspects of sustainability on each of our campuses, including several large multi-year plans and initiatives, including a climate action plan for the university.

A strong believer in education, in addition to being a Professional Engineer, Tom also holds Certified Energy Manager and Certified Educational Facilities Professional designations, as well as certificates in management development and leadership. Tom is a strong believer in teamwork and is fortunate to work with an amazing team that continually strives to make UNB more sustainable.

Energy Coordinator

Nikole Watson

Nikole Watson (she/her) is UNB's Energy Coordinator. She focuses on utility meter reliability and new energy opportunities for the institution. Nikole maintains an inventory of energy projects approved and implemented under the Energy Management Program (EMP) and monitors energy consumption for both campuses. She reports annually on the energy and cost savings of all projects to the Energy Management Committee.

Nikole has a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering from UNB and a diploma in Civil Engineering from St. Francis Xavier University. Nikole also has a LEED Green Associate designation that enables her to take a more holistic approach to building design, with sustainability and energy efficiency at the fore front. Nikole is passionate about off-grid living, lowering her carbon footprint and supporting local.

Manager of Sustainability

Sedona Cluett

Sedona Cluett (she/her) is UNB's Manager of Sustainability. Sedona has worked on various sustainability projects in the municipal and non-profit sectors, and she is excited to be applying her skills on our campuses here at UNB. Sedona supports the strategic planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of UNB’s sustainability initiatives, including the Climate Change Action Plan and Campus Sustainability Plan.

Sedona has a Bachelor's in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, and a Master's in Environment and Sustainability from Western University. Sedona is passionate about improving the health of the environment, and she is grateful to be a part of UNB’s sustainability journey!

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Sustainability Engagement Coordinator

Esme Newling

Esme Newling (she/her) is UNB’s Sustainability Engagement Coordinator. Esme has worked on environment and sustainability focused education and outreach initiatives in non-profit organizations and universities.

Esme works at UNB to improve bi-campus engagement with initiatives that help support the university’s goals of environmental, social, and economical sustainability. Esme also manages the UNB Sustainability social media accounts.

Esme has an Honours Bachelor of Science in Anthropological Sciences from the University of Toronto and a Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh. She is excited to join the UNB community and to work towards making both campuses leaders in sustainability.

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Duy Nhan Vo (Daniel)

Duy Nhan Vo (Daniel) (he/him) is a dedicated Business Administration student at UNB, and one of UNB’s Sustainability Officers this summer. He has experience volunteering on various sustainability projects, and he is looking forward to working towards more sustainable campuses at UNB.

This summer, Daniel is working on advancing sustainable transportation on both our Fredericton and Saint John campuses. His primary focus includes conducting a commuting behaviour change study to understand the motivations behind commuting mode preferences. Simultaneously, he will explore transit options at UNB through a comprehensive transit study, aiming to propose actionable strategies for improving accessibility and sustainability within the university's transportation systems.

In addition to these projects, Daniel will also work on an electric vehicle charger utilization and projection study to assess both campus' electric vehicle infrastructure needs. Daniel is excited to be a part of the UNB Sustainability team, working to make a lasting impact on our campuses.

Brianna Orr

Brianna Orr (she/her) is one of UNB’s Sustainability Officers this summer. Currently pursuing her degree in Software Engineering at UNB, she plans to further her education in environmental engineering focusing on sustainable energy upon graduation.

She is passionate about sustainability and has actively participated in numerous sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives, showcasing her commitment to creating a future where the environment is prioritized.

This summer, Brianna is working on educating and engaging the UNB community on essential sustainability topics. One of her main projects is drafting three new Sustainability Learning Modules (Sustainable Energy, Green Buildings and Infrastructure and Sustainable Transportation).

Brianna is also working on articles for The Green Review and will be helping the team collect data for UNB’s upcoming STARS submission.

UNB Sustainability timeline

2022 - The President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability (PACS) was established to replace the Sustainability Advisory Committee. The PACS is responsible for supporting the priorities and objectives of UNB's strategic plan, the Campus Sustainability Plan and the Climate Change Action Plan by ensuring the University keeps environmental stewardship, climate adaptation, and reduction of our carbon footprint at the forefront of decision-making.

2021 - Added goals and strategies for the Saint John campus to our Campus Sustainability Plan.

2021 - Hired the first Sustainability Education and Engagement Officer (now Sustainability Engagement Coordinator).

2021 - Submitted our data to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)'s Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) program and received our first STARS rating (Silver) for the Saint John campus.

2020 - Submitted our data to the STARS program and received an updated rating (another Silver) for the Fredericton campus.

2020 - Launched our Campus Sustainability Plan, which includes goals and strategies for the Fredericton campus.

2020 - Launched our first Climate Change Action Plan, which includes goals and strategies for both campuses.

2017 - Submitted our data to the STARS program and received our first STARS rating (Silver) for the Fredericton Campus.

2017 - UNB became a member of the Association of the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

2016 - Hired the first Climate Change Officer (now Climate Action Coordinator).

2014 - UNB Sustainability was started, with the first Sustainability Coordinator (now Manager of Sustainability) being hired.

2013 - The Sustainability Advisory Committee was established to provide advice and guidance on the development of UNB's sustainability initiatives.

2011 - UNB became a member of the Atlantic Universities and Colleges Sustainability Network (AUCSN).