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Research and commercialization

UNB is a leading institution in research excellence, responsible for the majority of publicly funded research in New Brunswick. As the province’s national comprehensive university, our researchers are subject matter experts in a wide range of areas, including energy management, innovation and entrepreneurship, big data and advanced computing, and manufacturing and materials processing.

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Research activity at UNB has led to more than 85 patents issued and the creation of more than 60 start-ups. Researchers are continuously working to solve big challenges and develop innovative solutions that change the world, whether in the lab or in partnership with visionary companies and organizations.

Benefits of partnering with us

  • We help you develop products and technology that makes your organization more efficient.
  • We help reduce your risk of doing research by leveraging our expertise.
  • We help you address key challenges such as going green, cybersecurity, new venture validation and many others.
  • You gain access to cutting-edge technology and facilities to accelerate your goals.
  • Partnering enables the pursuit of research grant funding to reduce your costs and further stretch your resources.

What we offer you

Our Research & Innovation Partnerships unit is a fulcrum for innovation and your gateway to access UNB experts and offerings that can help you achieve your goals. Together with our commercialization partners, we add value in the following ways:

  1. Technology assessments (may be subsidized, subject to fund availability)
  2. Validation and characterization testing
  3. Service contracts
  4. Intellectual property and product development agreements
  5. License agreements for existing technologies
  6. New solution licensing for industry challenges
  7. Program assessments, studies, and literature reviews

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Remote tours and consultations

Are you thinking of making UNB your research partner for your next project? Using state-of-the-art technology, we offer you the change to tour and directly interact with our experts and facilities from the comfort of your office. Find out more about our remote tours and consultations.


Are you interested in finding out more or do you have specific questions related to funding or any other inquiry? Connect with the Research and Innovation Partnerships team today at and let us help you with every step of your research journey.

Research highlights and success stories