UNB Strategic Plan 

At the University of New Brunswick, we turn ideas into action to improve the lives of people in our cities, our province and beyond.

We are united by the knowledge that our work creates positive change. We see it around us every day as our teaching, research and partnerships transform communities, economies and lives.

Bold ideas can change the world

Toward 2030, our vision for the future, strengthens our ability to respond to the challenges of our time in ways that improve the lives of New Brunswickers and Canadians.

We will do this by equipping our students with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to thrive. We will harness the power of our research to drive innovation further, push society forward and create a more prosperous and equitable future for all.

This is an ambitious plan, and it will require both courage and wisdom. But UNB has always been a place that believes bold new ideas can change the world for the better.

A university of choice where everyone belongs

As we approach 2030, UNB aspires to be:

  • Recognized internationally for the strength of our research
  • Financially and environmentally sustainable, and working toward a carbon-neutral future
  • A trusted voice in major discussions and debates across the community
  • Celebrated for transformative educational experiences, innovative programs and commitment to experiential learning

In achieving these goals, we will:

  • Offer comprehensive, accessible and flexible educational programs
  • Prepare citizens with the critical thinking, empathy and skills to solve societal problems
  • Enhance educational attainment across the community

Research impact

Mobilizing knowledge to transform communities

The challenges we face as a society demand meaningful and innovative research. As New Brunswick’s only national comprehensive university, we will increase our research performance and mobilize this knowledge to transform communities.

We will continue to develop areas of research strength and ensure our people are recognized nationally and internationally.

Key actions

  • Double the annual value of our research grants and contracts
  • Strategically invest in research strengths, tied to major societal challenges
  • Increase research productivity of our faculty
  • Expand graduate student enrolment to 25% of our student body
  • Increase recognition and support for Indigenous research methods

Transformative education for the future

Preparing students to thrive

UNB is an exceptional learning experience that offers more than just a degree. Our programs and courses respond to the changing needs of the world and our students are supported in an environment in which they truly feel they belong. They take with them the skills and abilities to thrive in a world full of challenges and opportunities.

Key actions

  • Develop interdisciplinary and innovative programs for the future world of work
  • Provide every student with an opportunity for experiential learning
  • Create more inclusive learning environments
  • Embrace Indigenous knowledges
  • Expand online, micro-credential options and professional learning opportunities
  • Support the holistic and transformational development of students in all learning environments

Engagement and impact

Solving the challenges of today and tomorrow

UNB exists to serve the public good and create positive change in the world. As the epicentre of research and innovation in New Brunswick, we will expand our reach to help solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We will invest in collaborative industry, government, community and international partnerships to drive economic growth and social development. We will tell our story proudly to the world.

Key actions

  • Engage globally to translate research knowledge for community well-being
  • Expand external partnerships to enrich student and professional learning opportunities and research collaborations
  • Enhance national and international university partnerships to boost collaborative research toward major societal challenges
  • Invest strategically to tell our story to the world

A people-centric, values-informed university community

Building a community in which everyone belongs

Our most valuable assets are our people – our students, faculty, alumni and staff. We will invest in our people, establish systems for scholars and students to work better together, and create conditions that foster a community in which we all belong.

We will be one UNB: excellent, inclusive and engaged.

Key actions

  • Increase the participation of underrepresented groups in leadership roles across UNB
  • Further develop a human resource strategy that enables our people to realize their full potential
  • Expand professional and leadership development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Foster a culture of support, recognition and celebration

Modern, integrated, sustainable UNB

Expansion on every front

We will open our doors even wider to the world, growing our enrolment and increasing our impact. We will invest in infrastructure renewal and expansion, and continue to modernize our systems and structures to enable continued success in research, learning and teaching and community engagement.

We will keep environmental stewardship, climate adaptation and the reduction of our carbon footprint at the forefront of our planning.

Key actions

  • Grow the student population to 15,000, including domestic, international undergraduate, graduate, online and professional learners
  • Lead sustainability and environmental stewardship across Canadian universities
  • Invest equitably and sustainably in an integrated one UNB, two-campus community
  • Deliver vibrant campus communities with improved residence, collaboration and learning spaces
  • Reduce our liability in deferred maintenance by 50%

Download the plan (PDF)