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Axis Accelerator

We develop entrepreneurs

At the Axis Accelerator in UNB Saint John's Faculty of Business, we develop entrepreneurs through our 4-pillar mandate:

  1. We offer entrepreneurs full-time residency in our incubator space at Grand Hall in the Uptown Core
  1. We offer our flagship program, the Axis Sales Accelerator
  1. We bring regional investors together
  1. We develop student entrepreneurs and identify student and faculty talent on behalf of our founders

Our flagship program, the Axis Sales Accelerator, is designed with 3 goals in mind:

  1. Understand yourself as a founder and the sales leader of your business
  1. Identify early innovation adopters and lead customers willing to bet big on you and your solution
  1. Build and deploy a scalable, repeatable sales strategy around #1 and #2

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- I have an idea and I'm actively validating that idea in the field
- I've built something and I'm actively engaging potential early innovation adopters and lead customers
- I'm developing my early customer base and I'm actively accelerating sales

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