The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) had the vision to propose the Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP).



Funding and in-kind contributors

Financial supporters

  • Avantor | NuSi
    • Avantor | NuSi has kindly donated both their engineering expertise and custom cut NuSil CV4-1165-5 controlled volatility pressure sensitive adhesive tape for VIOLET's solar panels. CubeSat NB would like to thank Robert Kivlin and Alexander Santayana for their advice and support.

  • Valispace
    • Their online project management system and software is being used by CubeSat NB.


We are grateful to CE3 Electronics, Inc, in Dieppe, New Brunswick, for assembling the components on the printed circuit board (PCB) for our on-board computer. With the global supply shortages, we were forced to use ball grid array (BGA) package. CE3 Electronics, Inc, was able to solder the BGA to our PCB and confirm the soldering with an xray machine.

CubeSat NB hosted the Eastern Canada Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and we acknowledge suppport by cash sponsorships from these organizations.