Journal Articles

Resources that are freely available (websites members of the public can use) are marked with an asterisk (*).

Journal articles will interpret the law and provide greater detail on specialized topics than books do, and they’ll be more current because there’s a shorter turnaround time for publication.

If you already know the journal title, year, volume number and page number for an article, you may be able to access it electronically by searching for the journal's title in UNB Libraries' Journals & Newspapers search. If we have the journal electronically or in print, it will be listed. You can also look up the journal title in UNB WorldCat.

Sometimes it's best to start with an index rather than a full-text journal search.


An index is a list of articles and their citations arranged by topic. Full-text articles may or may not be available; however, you can use the citation information an index provides to find the article in another database or in print.


The following databases will provide full-text results.