List of Rand Memorial Lecturers

The Ivan C. Rand Memorial Lecture series is made possible by generous donations from Canadian National and Abraham Calp and family.

Many of the lectures have been published in the the University of New Brunswick Law Journal/Revue de droit de l'Université du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Lecturers and Topics

  • 1993 – Professor Yoram Dinstein on Israeli–Palestinian relations
  • 1994 – Mr. Terry Bird on communications and transportation issues in Atlantic Canada
  • 1995 – Professor Andrée Lajoie on the implied Bill of Rights in the Charter era
  • 1996 – Rt. Hon. Antonio Lamer on judicial independence and accountability in times of change
  • 1997 – Dr. Olivier Bouin on property rights and economic systems
  • 1998 – Hon. Anne McLellan on public confidence in the judicial system
  • 1999 – Professor Brian Slattery on Aboriginal title in New Brunswick
  • 2000 – Dr. Carol Smart on children’s perspectives and developing family law
  • 2001 – Professor Stephen Toope on the interplay of international and domestic law
  • 2002 – Professor David Mullan on unwritten constitutional principles
  • 2003 – Dr. DeLloyd J. Guth on Ivan Rand at the Supreme Court of Canada
  • 2004 – Professor David Duizenhaus on Rand's vision of constitutionalism and administrative law
  • 2006 – Professor Neil Brooks on trading rights for security
  • 2007 – Professor Christine Boyle on fact finding and reasonable inferences in criminal trials
  • 2008 – Professor Lorne Sossin on judicial appointment and democratic aspirations
  • 2009 – Professor Michael Lynk on labour law and the new inequality
  • 2010 – Professor Catherine Walsh on the impact of the financial crisis on private international law
  • 2010 – Dr. William Kaplan on the impact of the Rand Formula on Canadian labour law
  • 2012 – Dr. Jocelyn Downie on the laws and policies surrounding the end of life
  • 2013 – Professor Mary Condon on the contemporary challenges for securities law in Canada
  • 2014 – Professor Wayne MacKay on the law and cyberbullying
  • 2016 – Professor John Borrows on the Indian Act, self-government, and rights
  • 2016 – Professor Peter H. Russell on selecting Supreme Court justices
  • 2018 – Professor Audrey Macklin on citizens, non-citizens and the rule of law
  • 2019 – Professor Bruce Ziff on the state of legal protections for the environment prior to legislative reforms in the late 1960s and early 1970s