Bibliography of Books and Articles by and about Rand

Compiled by Melinda Renner (retired) and Anne Crocker (retired), Gérard V. La Forest Law Library, UNB

Literature by Ivan C. Rand

I. C. Rand, "Louis D. Brandeis" (1947) 25 Can B Rev 240.

I. C. Rand, "The Role of an Independent Judiciary in Preserving Freedom" (1951) 9 UTLJ 1. 

I. C. Rand, "Man's Right to knowledge and Its Free Use" (1954), 10 UTLJ 167.

I. C. Rand, "Legal Education in Canada" (1954) 32 Can B Rev 387.

I. C. Rand, "Community Security vs. Man's Right to Knowledge (Symposium)... Canada" (1954) 54 Colum L Re. 667.

I. C. Rand, "How to Strengthen Ethical Standards in the Practice of Law" (1956) Canadian Bar Papers 202.

I. C. Rand, "Some Aspects of Canadian Constitutionalism" (1960) 38 Can B Rev 135.

I. C. Rand, "Except by Due Process of Law." (1961), 2 Osgoode Hall L J 171.

I. C. Rand, "The Law and Industrial Relations" (1962) 17 Industrial Relations 389.

I. C. Rand, "The Law and Industrial Relations" (1963) 3 Current Law 3.

I. C. Rand, "Historical Basis of Fraud at Common Law" (1964), 3 WLR 2. 

Canada, 1867-1967. Foreword, I. C. Rand, (1967) 45 Can. B Rev 391.

I. C. Rand, "The Law in a Plural Society in a Crisis Age" at xi. 

Rt. Hon. Sir Lyman Poore Duff, G.C.M.G. 1865-1955, I.C. Rand, M.G. O'Leary, RA Wright.(1955) 33 Can B Rev 1113.

I. C. Rand, "Decision touchant la Securité syndicale dans le conflit Ford 1946" (1976) 30 Ind Relations 761.

Book Reviews by Ivan C. Rand

I. C. Rand, Review of Interpretation of Modern Legal Philosophies: Essays in Honor of Roscoe Pound, ed. Paul Sayre (1949), 27 Can B Rev 126.

I. C. Rand, Review of The Elementry Principles of Jurisprudence, by G W Keeton (1950), 28 Can B Rev 99.

I. C. Rand, Review of The Inheritance of the Common Law, by Richard O'Sullivan (1952), 30 Can B Rev 431.

I. C. Rand, Review of Democracy in a World of Tensions: a Symposium Prepared by UNESCO. (McKeon, Rokkan) (1952) 9 UTLJ 288.

Notes by Ivan C. Rand

I. C. Rand, "The New Faculty of Law in the University of Western Ontario" (1961) 14 UTLJ 107.

Lectures by Ivan C. Rand

I. C. Rand, "Some Aspects of Canadian Constitutionalism"...Harvard Pamphlet.

I. C. Rand, "The Role of the Supreme Court in Society". (1991) 46 UNB L J 173.

I. C. Rand, The Student at Law School, Sesquicentennial Lectures, (University of New Brunswick 1950 ) at 9.

I. C. Rand, "Responsibility of Labour Unions" (1954) Lectures LSUC 27.

Reports by Ivan C. Rand

"The Rand Report on Mr. Justice Leo A. Landreville." (1967), 15 Chitty's LJ 326.

"The Rand Report on Hon. L.A. Landreville." (1967) 1 Gazette 2:5. 

Report of the Royal Commission Inquiry into Labour Disputes. (1968)

Inquiry into Labour Legislation in Newfoundland. (1968)

Royal Commission Inquiry on Coal 1959-1960.

Papers by Ivan C. Rand

Ivan C. Rand, "Is a Free Press Compatible with the Concept of a Fair Trial? A Constitutional view. Paper delivered at Osgoode Hall Law School, April 15th , 1966.

Literature About Ivan C. Rand

Journal Articles

E.M. Pollock, "Mr. Justice Rand: A Triumph of Principle" (1975) 53 Can Bar Rev 519.

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“A Conversation with Ivan Rand”, (1969) 3 Gazette 49.

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A. Mewett, "Criminal law and Procedure in the Decisions of Ivan C. Rand" (1980) 17 UWO L Rev 51.

D. J. Mullan, " Mr. Justice Rand: Defining the Limits of Court Control of the Administrative and Executive Process" (1980) 17 UWO L Rev 65.

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