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The University of New Brunswick has been offering Occupational Health & Safety training since 2001. UNB is a leader in online OHS education and has many graduates nationally and internationally in the Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety. The University of New Brunswick is an internationally recognized institution.

The Effective management of workplace health and safety is important for the health and safety of workers, the longevity of organizations, the success of business and the protection of the environment. Throughout the Western world, the effective management of workplace and environmental health and safety issues has become an increasingly important and an expected dimension of responsible business practice.

The discipline of occupational health and safety is rapidly changing to address increasingly complex workplace needs. Additionally, legislation governing workplace health and safety practices is becoming far more sophisticated and stringent, and has contributed to a growing employer need for health and safety professional expertise.

Employers are now required to identify, evaluate and communicate information about workplace and environment conditions that may have negative effects on workers’ health, productivity and the environment. Employers need health and safety practitioners, supervisors, managers, and leaders who are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and implement strategies intended to control and manage potential workplace hazards.

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