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What Do New Brunswickers Do After They Leave High School?

Author: NB-IRDT Staff

Posted on Jun 3, 2022

Category: Media , Labour Markets , Education , Population Research , Youth

High School

What Do New Brunswickers Do After They Leave High School?

An education is said to be one of the most valuable assets a person can achieve, and pursuing post-secondary education is one of many ways young students can invest in their futures.

However, we ask, are some young people more likely to transition to higher education than others? Are certain New Brunswickers more likely to enrol in post-secondary education after graduating from high school? And could differences in post-secondary enrolment reflect educational barriers that need to be overcome?

In a recently released report, researchers at NB-IRDT examine the transition rates of NB high school graduates to post-secondary education in the province. They look at the timeframe of post-secondary enrolments (right after high school or years after graduation), as well as high school graduation rates and the retention rates of individuals who do not pursue post-secondary education.  

This report asks important questions about the educational choices of our population: For instance, are NB males or females more likely to pursue higher education? What about students from rural compared to urban high schools? Are there demographic differences in students who enrol in higher education right away and those who delay their entry? Do graduates who choose not to pursue higher education stay and work in the province?

Find out all this, and more, by reading the report.




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