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Facilitating effective research and decision making

We are the stewards of one of New Brunswick’s most important resources: our data. Find out why we are important partners for evidence informed decision making in Canada.

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NB-IRDT news and research

Nursing Retention in New Brunswick's Public Hospitals

New Brunswick has the opportunity to welcome a new generation of nurses as many registered nurses approach retirement. Researchers at NB-IRDT have analyzed some factors that may be influencing nurses’ career decisions.

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2021 Arrival Cohorts

This report is the second in a series of annual updates on immigrant retention in New Brunswick (NB) that will be published by the New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training each year. These reports provide an overview of NB immigration retention patterns since the previous reporting period, and their updates on immigration trends can guide public policy concerned with strategies to attract immigrants and retain established immigrant populations.

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Forecasted teacher shortages in New Brunswick

This new research highlights the importance of recruiting and retaining teachers in New Brunswick's public schools; it seeks to support strategies that will attract, support and encourage teachers to stay within the profession long-term, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable educational environment in the province

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Meet the Students Promoting More Inclusive Workplaces in NB

IDEA.NB is an innovative Future GNB research stream within P2P that is focused on fostering Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) within GNB. In summer 2023, the IDEA.NB team’s goal was to help address the unique challenges faced by Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity groups in GNB and provide a roadmap for cultivating a more inclusive and thriving workplace environment.

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