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Performance Management through a Psychologically Safe Lens: How Leaders Can Influence Positive Learning

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The one thing every leader must do well to be effective is manage their employees' performance. The ability of a leader to facilitate informal and formal performance management predicts employee productivity, retention, and well-being.

This micro-workshop explores performance management through a psychologically safety lens to increase employees' sense of belonging, psychological safety, and engagement.

Dr. Bill Howatt covers seven (7) performance management factors, focusing on leveraging informal and formal performance reviews and progressive discipline to reduce fear and increase employees' opportunities to learn and grow.

Learning objectives

During this micro-workshop, you will:

  • Understand the purpose of the performance management framework and the leader's role
  • Examine the benefits of facilitating performance management through a psychologically safe lens
  • Review seven traits leaders can embrace to facilitate a positive performance management experience for workers
  • Discover how to facilitate performance reviews and progressive discipline through a psychologically safe lens


Dates: May 11, 2023
Time: 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Atlantic)
Location: Offered via virtual training
Fee: $185 per seat +HST (discounts available)
Instructor: Dr. Bill Howatt

Register for May 2023

Available discounts

  • Group: Purchase 3 seats or more and get a 10% discount.
  • Alumni: Get a 15% discount, on single seat purchases, if you are an alumni of our CME, MDP, HRM, or Psych Safe Leaders program(s).
  • Bundles:
    • Buy 5 seats and get a 24% discount
    • Buy 10 seats and get a 38% discount

About Bill Howatt

Dr. Bill Howatt, founder and CEO of Howatt HR, refers to himself as a behavioural scientist with a keen curiosity for how employees and employers can work together to reduce mental harm and promote mental health in the workplace. He is known internationally and is one of Canada's top experts in workplace psychological health and safety. Dr. Bill is on the CSA OHS Standards Steering Committee and Chair of the CSA Standard Z1008: Management of Substance Related Impairment in the Workplace. He is the co-creator of the Psychologically Safe Workplace Awards.

Dr. Bill regularly contributes to workplace mental health research such as Canada Pandemic Pulse Check: COVID-19's Impact on Canadians' Mental Health with the Mental Health Commission of Canada; Moving to Action: Implementing the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services' Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap; and Canada Standards Association Investigating employers' practices in response to COVID-19 for safeguarding employees' psychological health and safety in the workplace. He has 30 years clinical experience in mental health and addictive disorders.

Dr. Bill is the former Chief of Research, Workforce Productivity, at The Conference Board of Canada, and the former Chief of Research and Development, Workforce Productivity, at Lifeworks. Dr. Bill has created the senateapproved Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership and Certificate in Management Essentials, Pathway to Coping and Mental Fitness through the University of New Brunswick. He is the co-creator of the Psychological Health and Safety Facilitator Certificate.

Dr. Bill is a regular contributor and co-authors a blog with the CEO of the Mental Health Commission of Canada for WSPS Ontario CEO Health and Safety Leadership Network. Dr. Bill has published over 50 books, such as The Globe and Mail bestseller, The Cure for Loneliness, and Stop Hiding and Start Living. He is a regular contributor to Talent Canada, OHS Magazine, and The Chronicle Herald and has published over 350 articles with The Globe and Mail.

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