General principles

(Approved by Senate - 11 February 1986)

  • Search Committees should include a fair number of faculty representatives;
  • Students should be represented on search committees;
  • Search Committees should be chaired by the administrator to whom the appointee reports;
  • Whether or not to have an external search is the President's decision;
  • The process requires considerable consultation;
  • The rights of an incumbent must be respected;
  • The results of a review must be communicated to an incumbent in a manner sufficient to provide maximum information for a decision and opportunity for a graceful exit;
  • Confidentiality is vital with respect to respondees' letters, Committee consultations and deliberations, etc.;
  • A Committee's task is to make a decision: it gets advice from the constituency, but it is not bound by that advice;
  • Uniformity of procedures is desirable, to the extent possible.