Committee meetings

Regularly scheduled meetings of committees shall be established on a timetable convenient to committee members. In addition, special meetings of committees may be set as required.

Notice of committee meetings shall be timely so as to enable the fullest attendance of committee members possible. Meetings of Common and Joint committees may be held by conference call or video conference as required.

Each committee shall file with the Secretary of the Senate:

  • a timetable of regularly scheduled meetings once established;
  • notice and agenda of all committee meetings.

Subject to the provisions of the UNB Act, any member of Senate is entitled to attend meetings of the committees of Senate. Such attendance shall be as an observer only, unless a committee determines otherwise, in which case such Senators are entitled to participate in the deliberations of a committee, although not to vote in its determinations. However, where in the opinion of the committee, a matter of a personal and confidential nature affecting an individual is under consideration, the committee may go into closed session.