Information Services & Systems Committee

(Formerly the Instructional Information & Technology Services Committee AND the Library Committee - approved 29 February 2008)

Membership 2018-2019

Position/Constituency Name & Term Expiry
Dean of Libraries Lesley Balcom (Senator) (non voting)
Faculty of Arts Miriam Jones (2020) (Senator) 
Faculty of Arts Dann Downes (2021) (Senator)
Faculty of Business Greg Fleet (2019) (Senator)
Faculty of Business Dan Doiron (2021) (Senator) 
Faculty of SASE

Aaron Granger (2020)

Faculty of SASE Tim Alderson (2019) (Senator)
ISS Staff Member Steve Gamblin (Dec. 31 2018)
Librarian David Ross (2020) 
Undergraduate Student - primary TBA (2019)
Undergraduate Student - alternate TBA (2019)
Graduate Student - Primary Brady K. Quinn (2019)
Graduate Student - Alternate TBA (2019)

(a) Terms of Reference

The Committee will:

  • solicit and receive advice, on any aspect of library and technology services, from the faculty, librarians, staff, students, Senators, and the Vice-President (Saint John);

  • seek advice from Senate and from Faculty Councils on significant matters of library and technology policy,

  • advise Senate about library and technology concerns and policy decisions;

  • advise the Director of Information Services and Systems (Saint John) on any matters concerning library and technology services on the Saint John Campus

  • act as a liaison between the Information Services and Systems staff and faculty councils;

  • report to Senate at least once each academic year on the Committee's activities.

(b) Membership

 (11) Voting Members: (10) Quorum: (6 Voting Members)


  • Director of Information Services & Systems (non-voting)


  • 2 members from each Faculty, to be recommended by the Senate Nominating Committee in consultation with the Deans of the respective Faculties. At least one (1) of the six shall be a Senator.

  • 2 ISS staff members, one of whom shall be a librarian, chosen by the staff

  • 1 Undergraduate Student recommended by the Student Representative Council to the Senate Nominating Committee. Plus one (1) alternate undergraduate student member.

  • 1 Graduate Student recommended by the Graduate Student Association to the Senate Nominating Committee. Plus one (1) alternate graduate student member.

(c) Chair:

            A Senator elected annually from and by the members of the Committee.

Reports to Senate











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