Academic Policy and Procedures Committee

Membership: 2017-2018

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name & Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
George MacLean (Co-chair) [e-o] Vice-president Fredericton (Academic)
Robert Mackinnon (Co-chair) [e-o] Vice-President (Saint John)
Shawna Bergin (Senator) [e-o] Registrar (UNBF)
Mark Bishop (Senator) [e-o] Registrar (UNBSJ)
Drew Rendall (Senator) [e-o] Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Ian Allen (Senator) [e-o] Executive Director, College of Extended Learning
Sarah DeVarenne (non-voting) [e-o] University Secretary
Alyssa Sankey (2020) UNB Fredericton 
Judy Roy (2018)  UNB Fredericton
Patricia Seaman (2018) UNB Fredericton
David Creelman (2019) (Senator) Arts (UNBF)
Owen Kaser (2020)  Science, Applied Science & Engineering (UNBSJ)
Lee Jolliffe (2018) Business (UNBSJ)

TBA  (2018)

Student (UNBF)
TBA (2018) Alternate Student (UNBF)
Kyle Rogers (2018) Student (UNBSJ)
Logan Johnson/Robert Finn (2018) Alternate Student (UNBSJ)

 (a) Terms of Reference

(As revised by F. and S. Senates September 2001; F. Senate September 2004; S. Senate September 2006)

The Committee will:

  1. examine and make recommendation to Senate on matters relating to academic and operational policies and procedures other than those which are the designated responsibility of other Senate committees;
  2. examine and make recommendations to Senate on matters relating to academic regulations, as referred from the Senate Student Standings and Promotions Committee.

 (b) Membership (15)

  • Ex-Officio:
    • Vice-president Fredericton (Academic) 
    • Vice-President (Saint John)
    • Registrar (F)
    • Registrar (SJ)
    • Dean of Graduate Studies & Associate VP (Research)
    • Executive Director of the College of Extended Learning
    • University Secretary - Secretary (non-voting)
  • 3 Fredericton Senate appointees recommended by the Senate Nominating Committee 
  • 3 Saint John Senate appointees recommended by the Senate Nominating Committee
  • 1 Fredericton Student and an alternate
  • 1 Saint John Student. Plus one (1) alternate student member.

(c) Chair

Chair alternate between Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) and Vice-President (Saint John)

(d) Meeting

The committee will normally meet at least once per academic year on each campus, other meetings may be held by telephone or video conference, as desired.

Reports to Senates


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  • January 2008


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