Admissions Committee

Membership 2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term Expiry
(Primary Members)
Position / ConstituencyName and Term Expiry
(Alternate Members)
Shawna Bergin (voting - except on appeals) (Senator) [e-o] Registrar
Shelley Perry Bergin (non-voting) [e-o] Associate Registrar, Admissions
Jennifer Hart-Weed (2019) Arts Donald Wright (2019)
Steve Grant (2020) Business Administration Eben Otuteye (2019)
Natalie Webber (2020) Computer Science TBA (2021)
Paula Kristmanson (2019) (Senator) Education Lyle Hamm (2018)
Brian Lowry (2020) Engineering Jeff Rankin (2021)
Om Rajora (2019) Forestry TBA (2021)
TBA (2021) Law TBA (2021)
Bev Gaudet (2019) Nursing Ginny Dallaire (2021)
Jaime Campbell (2019) (Senator) Kinesiology Ken Seaman (2019)
Josie Seely (2019) Renaissance College Mira Bachvarova (2021)
Caroline Purdy (2020) Science TBA (2021)
TBA (2019) Student TBA (2019)
TBA (2019) Student TBA (2019)
Wahkuna Lisik (voting - except on appeals) (Senator) [e-o] Acting Registrar
TBA (non-voting) [e-o] Associate Registrar or designate
Leslie Jeffrey (2019) (Senator) Arts Sandra Bell (2020)
Brenda Collings (2019) Business Barry Watson (Dec 31 2019) 
Connie Stewart (2020) (Senator) - Chair SASE Kathy McGuire (2020)
TBA (2019) Student TBA (2019)

(a) Terms of Reference

(As revised by F & SJ Senates Sept. 2001, SJ Senate Sept. 2003, F Senate Sept. 2004, SJ Senate Sept. 2006, 20 Sept. 2006, 18 May 2010, 26 May 2014) 

The Committee will:

  1. advise the Senates and Registrars on admission and readmission policy, regulations and procedures;
  2. assist the Senates and Registrars in the interpretation of regulations and their specific application;
  3. make recommendations to Senates regarding any proposed changes in the regulations and procedures;
  4. hear appeals concerning admissions and, when not within the terms of reference of the Student Standings and Promotions Committee, hear appeals for readmission.


  1. Admission appeals will be dealt with separately by the two campuses.
  2. Saint John admission appeals will be heard by the Student Appeals Committee.

(b) Membership


  • Ex-Officio:
    • Registrar (F) - voting except on appeals
    • Assoc. Registrar, Admissions - Secretary non-voting
  • 11 Senate appointees:Recommended by Senate Nominating Committee from each Faculty and Renaissance College. Appointees to include at least one Senator. (Plus 11 alternates, one from each Faculty and Renaissance College.)
  • 2 Students and their alternates.

SAINT JOHN: (6)      Voting Members: (5)      Quorum: (3 voting members)

  • Ex-Officio:
    • Registrar (SJ) or designate - voting except on Fredericton campus appeals
    • Associate Registrar (Registrar's Office) or designate (non voting)
  • 3 Senate appointees: Recommended by Senate Nominating Committee (1 from each Faculty where possible). Appointees to include at least one Senator. (Plus 3 alternates, one from each Faculty.)
  • 1 Student recommended by the Student Representative Council to the Senate Nominating Committee. Plus one (1) alternate student member.

(c) Chair

Two chairs, one appointed by each Senate on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee of that Senate, one of whom shall be  selected to Chair each Joint meeting of the committee by the members of the Committee.

(d) Meetings

It is expected that the two admissions committees will meet once per term as a Joint Committee. Meetings may be held by telephone or video conferences, as desired.

(e) E-mail Balloting

E-mail balloting may be conducted on matters that have already been discussed and given a general indication of assent by the Committee or for certain routine items of business which require approval for recommendation to Senate at its next meeting. The Secretary, in consultation with the Chair, shall identify items of business which could be considered by e-mail ballot. The Secretary (or designate) shall contact the members of the Committee by e-mail to gain consent to vote on the matter(s) in question by e-mail. Should any member of the Committee feel the matter(s) require the Committee to meet, the Secretary shall call a meeting of the Committee. Consent will be determined by the majority of those who have responded within three business days. If the members agree to an e-mail ballot, the Secretary (or designate) shall forward an e-mail ballot to the voting members of the Committee. Full documentation, if not already available to Committee members, shall be circulated with the ballot.

The ballot shall contain three options: FOR/AGAINST/ABSTAIN.
For a motion to be approved on an e-mail ballot, a majority of the members eligible to vote must vote FOR the motion. In determining the number required for a majority, those voting ABSTAIN are excluded from the total eligible to vote

Reports to Senates