UNB Academic Program Review

(Committee approved by F. Senate September 23, 2003, approved by SJ Senate November 26, 2003)

Membership: 2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
George MacLean (Chair) Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) or Designate
Robert MacKinnon Vice-President (Saint John) or Designate
Drew Rendall Dean, School of Graduate Studies or Designate
Members Appointed by Senates
Fam Loufti (2020) Arts UNBSJ
Matthew Wegener (2021)  Business UNBSJ
Jim Kieffer (2020) SASE UNBSJ
Renea Leskie  (2021)

Registrar's Office UNBSJ

Gobinda Saha (2021) Engineering UNBF
Christa Canitz (2021) Arts UNBF
Michael Fleming (2019) Computer Science UNBF
TBA (2021)  UNBF
Joe Dicks (2020) Education UNBF
Christine Lovelace (2021) Libraries UNBF
Jeremy Slayter (2019) (Senator) Undergraduate Student UNBF
Srijain Shrestha (2019) (Senator) Alternate Undergraduate Student UNBF
TBA (2019) (Senator) Graduate Student UNBF
TBA (2019) Alternate Graduate Student UNBF
TBA (2019) Undergraduate Student UNBSJ
TBA (2019) Alternate Undergraduate Student UNBSJ
TBA (2019) Graduate Student UNBSJ
TBA (2019) Alternate Graduate Student UNBSJ

(a) Terms of Reference

(as approved by F. Senate September 23, 2003 and SJ Senate November 26, 2003; Revisited by F. Senate September 2004) 


  1. At the initiation of the VP Fredericton (Academic), the Committee will coordinate and assume responsibility for undergraduate program reviews in conjunction with Faculty and departmental reviews. For the purpose of the Quality Assurance and Assessment Policies and Procedures, Faculty will also include the School of Graduate Studies and appropriate Graduate Academic Unit (GAU). (The committee's role is to oversee the review process, rather than to become involved in the academic substance of the review).
  2. To ensure that undergraduate and graduate program reviews are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Maritime Province Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) mandate. All program reviews will be conducted as established by the Senate (delivered through the Senate Academic Planning Committee - Fredericton and the Senate Academic Planning and Resources Committee - Saint John).
  3. To oversee undergraduate and graduate review including:
    • Serving general notice that a program review is in process and calling for submissions reflecting all groups and elements of the review;
    • Receiving submissions;
    • Ensuring appropriate consultation during the preparation of the report;
    • Preparing and making accessible the report;
    • Submitting through the VP Fredericton (Academic) a report summary to the Senate and the Board of Governors; and
    • Monitoring action on recommendations and reporting these to the Senate and Board.
  4.  To maintain records and to provide Senate and Board with access to documents and information as required under the MPHEC mandate.

(b) Membership

  • Vice - President Fredericton (Academic) (or designate)
  • Vice - President Saint John
  • Dean of Graduate Studies & Associate VP (Research) (or designate)
  • 4 Students appointed by Senate (1 Undergraduate and 1 Graduate from UNBF [and their alternates] and 1 Undergraduate and 1 Graduate from UNBSJ)
  • 10 Members appointed by Senate (6 from UNBF and 4 from UNBSJ - of which 1 representative from each campus must be Senators)

(c) Chair

  • Vice - President Fredericton (Academic) or designate