Technology Services Committee

Membership:  2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
Terry Nikkel [e-o] Associate VP, ITS or Designate
Ken Reimer [e-o] Director, Center for Enhanced Teaching and Learning or Designate
James MacKenzie Associate Director, Scholarly Technology (Libraries)
Tim Daley Member of Level 1 Support Staff (non-voting)
Siobhan Hanratty (2019) (Chair) Library
Janet Austin (2020) Law
Ken Brien (2020) Education
Lloyd Waugh (2019) Engineering
David Bremner (2021) (Senator) Computer Science
Kevin Engelhart (2019) Engineering
Benjamin Palmer (2019) Undergraduate Student
TBA (2018) Alternate Undergraduate Student
Lindsay Mombourquette (2019) Graduate Student
TBA (2018) Alternate Graduate Student

(a) Terms of Reference

(Formerly the Computing Services User Committee)
(Revised by F. Senate January 1998; September 2001; September 2004; May 2005; February 2008; March 2010; and May 2017)

  1. To act as a key resource and to provide advice and recommendations to Senate, ITS, CETL, and UNB Libraries on ways to advance academic matters (i.e. teaching, learning and scholarly research) through the application of information and communication technologies (ICT)
  2. To consult with faculty, staff, students and others as deemed appropriate on academic issues regarding the access and use of information and communication technologies at UNB and to offer recommendations and/or referrals to the appropriate person/ unit (s).
  3. To receive updates at each meeting from ITS, CETL, and UNB Libraries regarding ICT activities and issues that affect teaching, learning and scholarly research and to offer advice.
  4. To advise Senate and the administration on academic priorities for academic computing that will inform budget decision making
  5. The Chair of the STSC will present an annual report of STSC recommendations to Senate. 

(b) Membership

  • Ex-Officio:
    • Associate Vice-President Integrated Technology Services (ITS)
    • Director of Center for Enhanced Teaching and Learning (CETL)
    • Associate Director, Scholarly Techology (Libraries)
  • Appointed:
    • 1 Level 1 support staff member not reporting to another member of the STSC (appointed by/ from the Level 1 support)
    • 2 Student (1 Undergraduate and 1 Graduate) and their alternates
    • At least 4 additional faculty members appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Senate Nominating Committee, including at least 2 Senators

(c) Chair

A Senator elected annually from and by the members of the committee.

(d) Meetings

A minimum of twice per term (Fall & Winter) with additional meetings call by the Chair as required.

Reports to Senate



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