Teaching Excellence and Policy Committee

Membership: 2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
Frank Collins [e-o] Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) or Designate
Kathy McGuire (2019) [e-o] Vice-President Saint John or Designate
Kathy Wilson(non-voting) [e-o] Associate Vice-President Academic (Learning Environment)
David Kilfoil [e-o] Co-ordinator, Teaching & Learning Services or Designate
Sandra Bell [e-o] Chair of VP (SJ) Excellence in Teaching Committee or Designate
Ian Allen (Senator) [e-o] Executive Director, College of Extended Learning or Designate
Lindsey Taylor Director, Saint John College or Designate
Donald Wright (2019) Political Science/Arts (UNBF)
Ed Biden (2020) Engineering (UNBF)
Charlene Shannon-McCallum (2021) Kinesiology (UNBF)
Fam Loufti (2020) Arts (UNBSJ)
Greg Fleet (2019) (Senator) Business (UNBSJ)
Rebecca McKay (2019) Science, Applied Science & Engineering (UNBSJ)
Seshu Iyengar (2019) Undergraduate Student (UNBF)
TBA (2019) Alternate Undergraduate Student (UNBF)
David Bowater(2019) Graduate Student (UNBF)
TBA (2019) Alternate Graduate Student (UNBF)
TBA (2019) Undergraduate Student (UNBSJ)
TBA (2019) Alternate Undergraduate Student (UNBSJ)
TBA (2019) Graduate Student (UNBSJ)

(a) Terms of Reference

(Approved by F. and S. Senates September 2000; revised by F. and S. Senates September 2001, September 2002; revised by F. Senate September 2004, October 2004, May 2007; revised by S. Senate September 2005, September 2006, September 2007)

The Committee will:

  1. advise Senates on any matter concerning teaching policy and practices;
  2. establish which aspects of the teaching process shall normally be assessed by all academic units;
  3.  advice Senates on methods and procedures for the evaluation of teaching;
  4. recommend to Senates programs to improve the quality of teaching;
  5. recommend to Senates ways in which excellence in teaching may be appropriately recognized, and advocate and promote the scholarship of teaching; report at least once each year to each Senate.

(b) Membership: (17)

    • Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) or designate
    • Vice-President (Saint John) or designate
    • Associate Vice-President Academic (Learning Environment) (e-o non-voting)
    • Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Services, or designate
    • Chair of Vice-President's (Saint John) Excellence in Teaching Committee, or designate
    • Executive Director of the College of Extended Learning, or designate
    • Director of Saint John College, or designate
    • 3 faculty members from each campus appointed by the respective Senate (at least one being a Senate member from each campus)
    • 2 graduate students (one from each campus and an alternate for the Fredericton student)
    • 2 undergraduate students (one from each campus and an alternate for the Fredericton student)

(c) Chair

Co-Chairs: One member from each campus elected by the membership on each campus. Appointments of co-chairs are to be staggered.

(d) Meetings

The Committee normally will meet at least once per year on each campus. Other meetings to be held by telephone or video conference; as desired.

Reports to Senates