Teaching Award Committee

Membership:  2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term Expiry

Position / Constituency

Ken Reimer

Director, Centre for Enhanced Teaching & Learning

Bev Bramble

Member appointed by VPF (Acad) from Teaching and Learning Services

TBA (2021)

Member appointed by VP Saint John from Excellence in Teaching Committee

Nikki White [e-o]

Executive Director College of Extended Learning (or Designate)

Brenda Collings (2019)

Business (UNBSJ)

Rebecca McKay (2020) (Senator)


Caroline Purdy (2019)

Science (UNBF)

Christa Canitz (2020) (Senator)

Education (UNBF)

Gabriela Tymowski-Gionet (2019)

Kinesiology (UNBF)

TBA (2019)

Undergraduate Student (UNBF)

TBA (2019)

Alternate Undergraduate Student (UNBF)

TBA (2019)

Undergraduate Student (UNBSJ)

TBA (2019)

Alternate Undergraduate Student (UNBSJ)

(a) Terms of Reference

(formerly "Quality of Teaching" - revised by F. Senate, 7 April 1998)
(revised by F. and S. Senates September 2000, September 2001, November 2001, September 2002 and revised by F. Senate September 2004, October 2004, revised by S. Senate September 2005 and September 2006, revised by F and S Senates January 2016)

  1. invite and promote nominations for UNB-wid teaching awards such as the Dr. Allan P. Stuart Memorial Awards for Excellence in Teaching, the Neil Scott Award for Educational Leadership, and the UNB Teaching Innovation Award, assess all nominations and recommend two recipients to the Senates each year at or before the October meetings;
  2. invite and promote nominations for the AAU, 3M, Brightspace, and similar regional and national teaching awards; 
  3. review periodically its assessment procedures and criteria for the awards in "i)" and make appropriate recommendations to the Senates;

(b) Membership (9)

  • 1 member appointed by the Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) from among the members of Teaching and Learning Services.
  • 1 member appointed by the Vice-President (Saint John) from among the members of the Vice-President's (Saint John) Excellence in Teaching Committee
  • Executive Director of the College of Extended Learning
  • 3 members appointed by the Fredericton Senate (at least one Senator)
  • 2 members appointed by the Saint John Senate (at least one Senator)
  • 1 undergraduate student from each campus, plus alternates

(c) Chair

The Chair, who shall be a Senator, is to be elected annually from and by the members of the Committee.

(d) Meetings

 The Committee normally will meet at least once per year on each campus, other meetings may be held by telephone or video conference, as desired.

Reports to Senate


  • May 2004