Senate Review Committee

Membership:  2017-2018

TBA (Engineering) Appointed by the President
TBA (Senator) (Science) Faculty Appointed by Senate
Lynn Randall (Senator) (Education) Faculty Appointed by Senate
Susan Blair (Senator) (Arts) Faculty Appointed by Senate
John McEvoy (Senator) (Law) Alternate Faculty Appointed by Senate
TBA (Senator) Student Appointed by Senate
Sarah DeVarenne Secretary

(a)Terms of Reference

(As approved by F. Senate 5 April 1994, September 2004, and September 2006)

  1. Normally, the Senate Review Committee would not seek to review the substantive merits of the Senate Student Standings and Promotions Committee decision, but would focus primarily on procedural complaints. In the first instance, the Committee will review the case to determine if:
    1. During the full course of the appeal the proper procedures for the appeal, as described in the University Calendars, have been followed If there have been deviations from the normal procedures, the Committee will determine if the student has been disadvantaged in any manner by such deviations;  
    2. The decision of the Senate Student Standings and Promotions Committee has been made in a manner which was fair in all of the circumstances.
  2. If the Committee finds in favour of the appellant, it shall refer the case back to the Senate Student Standings and Promotions Committee for reconsideration, giving reasons for its decision. In any case, the Senate shall be informed of the action taken.
  3. In the extreme case, where the Review Committee considers that the student would be disadvantaged by a referral back to the Senate Student Standings and Promotions Committee, it shall hear the appeal and determine the outcome. The decision shall be  reported to the Senate.
  4. The anonymity of the student shall be protected throughout the review process. 

(b) Membership

  • 1 Senator: Appointed by the President
  • 3 Senators: Nominated by the Senate Nominating Comm.
  • 1 Student Senators: (voting except for purposes in relation to determination of examination results and the award of degrees, certificates, and diploma in course) and an alternate. Nominated by the Senate Nominating Comm.

No person who has had any previous involvement with the case may be appointed to the Review Committee. The University Secretary will act as secretary to the Committee; the Committee will select its own Chairperson.