Library Committee

Membership:  2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
Lesley Balcom (Senator) [e-o] Dean of Libraries
Susan Machum (2020) St. Thomas Appointee
Saraniptha Croos (2019) Elected by Librarians
Catherine Cotter (e-o) Law Librarian
David Bremner (2020) (Computer Science) (Senator) Engineering Library User
Casey Burkholder (2021) (Education) Harriet Irving Library User
Valerie Reeves (2020) (Science) Science and Forestry Library User
Branimir Cacic (2021) (Science) (Senator) Science and Forestry Library User
TBA (2019) Undergraduate Student
TBA (2019) Alternate Undergraduate Student
TBA (2019) Graduate Student

(a) Terms of Reference

(Revised by F. Senate, 10 November 1992, September 2001 and September 2004)

The Committee will advise the Senate, the Director of Libraries and the Law Librarian on matters of University library policy and practice, and act as a liaison committee between the Libraries and the Senate on the Fredericton campus.

The Chair of the Committee and the Director of Libraries (Fredericton) will each present an annual report to Senate, if possible before the Library's budget submission for the following year. This will ensure that Senate has input into the decisions and recommendations of this Committee before these find their way into the budget submission.

(b) Membership (10)

  • Ex-Officio
    • The Director of Libraries (Fredericton)
    • The Law Librarian
  • 4 Senate appointees recommended by the Senate Nominating Committee including:
    • at least one Senator
    • at least one primary user of the:
      • Engineering Library
      • Harriet Irving Library
      • Science and Forestry Library
  • 1 librarian from, and elected by, UNBF Librarians
  • 2 Students (1 undergraduate and 1 graduate) and their alternates
  • Representative of St. Thomas University (Approved by Senate October 5, 1992)

(c) Chair

A Senator elected annually from and by the members of the committee. The Chair cannot be the Director of Libraries or the Law Librarian

Reports to Senate


  • February 1999