Curriculum Committee

Membership: 2017-2018

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
Shawna Bergin (voting) [e-o] Registrar
Jeannie Bail (non-voting) [e-o] Director of Libraries or Designate
Terry Nikkel (non-voting) [e-o] Associate VP ITS or Designate
Jo-ann Mihan (Secretary) (non-voting) [e-o] Assistant to Registrar
Greg Fleet (non-voting) [e-o] SJ Curriculum Chair
Ted MacDonald Arts
Suzanne Tucker Business Administration
Andrew McAllister Computer Science
Paula Kristmanson  Education
Michel Couturier (Chair) Engineering
Thom Erdle Forestry
Greg Duquette Kinesiology
Tammy Moore Law
Nicole Irving Nursing
Cynthia Stacey (Senator) Renaissance College
Ben Newling Science
Graecen Wyton (2018) Student
Benjamin Palmer (2018) Student
TBA (2018) Alternate Student
TBA (2018) Alternate Student

(a) Terms of Reference 

(As revised by F. Senate September 2001 and September 2004) 

The Committee will: 

  1. consider curriculum issues of general academic interest and make recommendations to Senate regarding these issues;
  2. review course offerings, inter-faculty offerings and curriculum requirements where appropriate;
  3. consider new courses and changes in courses and make appropriate recommendations on them to Senate;
  4. draw Senate's attention to, and make recommendations regarding those changes in curriculum which have implications in terms of staffing or affect other Departments, Faculties or support areas such as the Library and Integrated Technology Services.
  5. ensure the timely and effective exchange of information between the Curriculum Committees of the two Senates.

(b) Membership (18)

  • Ex-Officio
    • Registrar (F) - Secretary
    • Director of Libraries (F) or designate (non-voting)
    • Assoc. VP Integrated Technology Services or designate (non-voting)
    • Chair of the SJ Curriculum Committee or designate (non-voting)
    • Assistant to the Registrar - Recording Secretary (non-voting)
  • 11 Chair of each Faculty & Renaissance College Curriculum Committees
  • 2 Students and their alternates

(c) Chair

Appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Senate Nominating Committee.

Reports to Senate