Current Search Committees

Membership 2015-2016
Senate Representative Student Representative
Vice-President Academic (Fredericton

Jennifer Andrews (English) Katie Davey (BA.POLS)

Stephen Heard (Biology)
Associate Vice-President Academic (Learning Environment) Judy Roy (Business Administration) Julian Renaud (JD)
Dean, Faculty of Business Administration Nicole O'Byrne (Law) Alex Kall (MBA)
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs), Faculty of Business Administration Leanne Wells (Business Librarian)
Associate Dean, Faculty of Education Christa Canitz (English) Mitchell Nini (BEd)
Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering Patricia Evans (Computer Science) Ben Doucet (BScE.EE)
Associate Dean, Faculty of Law Reg Sheppard (Business Administration) Travis Payne (JD)
Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies Gabriella Tymowski (Kinesiology) Hannah Connon (PhD IDST)
Chair, Department of Culture and Language Studies Katherine Winslow (Education)
Chair, Department of English Anna Hamling (Culture and Language Studies)
Chair, Department of Philosophy Thomas Mengel (Renaissance College)
Chair, Department of Political Science Vokid Urinov (Law)
Chair, Department of Psychology Viqar Husain (Math & Stats)
Chair, Department of Sociology Siobhan Hanratty (Library) Nathan Thompson (PhD Soc)
Chair, Dpartment of Earth Sciences David Scott (Kinesiology)
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics Patricia Evans (Computer Science)
Chair, Department of Physics Bruce Wilson (Civil Engineering)
Direcotr, Centre for Enhanced Teaching & Learning Reg Sheppard (Business Administration) (UG)
Ann Timmermans (Science) (ALPS)
Co-Orinator of Teaching & Learning Services Alyssa Sankey (Science)