Current Search Committees

Membership 2018-2019
Senate Representative Student Representative
Dean, Faculty of Science Kevin Englehart (Engineering) Tim Blackmore (BSc)
Asociate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies), Faculty of Business Administration Carmen Poulin (Psychology)
Associate Dean, Faculty of Education (Graduate Programs) Jeff Brown (History)
Associate Dean, Faculty of Law Ken Brien (Education) Molly Murphy (JD)
Assistant Deans (3 positions), Faculty of Science Michael Fleming (Computer Science)
Chair, Deparrtment of Classics and Ancient History Christine Lovelace (Libraries)
Chair, Department of Culture and Media Studies Siobhan Hanratty (Libraries)
Chair, Department of Economics Caroline Purdy (Mathematics & Statistics)
Chair, Department of English Anna Hamling (Culture & Media Studies)
Chair, Department of Philosophy Janine Olthius (Psychology)
Chair, Department of Political Science Hilary Young (Law)
Chair, Department of Psychology Christa Canitz (English)
Chair, Department of Sociology
Chair, Dpartment of Chemical Engineering John Neville (Chemistry)
Chair, Department of Chemistry Steve Heard (Biology)
Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Nicole O'Byrne (Law)
Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies Dan Kucerovsky (Mathematics & Statistics)
Assistant Dean, School of Graduate Studies Bruce Benton (Physics)