College of Extended Learning Executive Committee

Membership:  2018-2019

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
George MacLean (Chair) Vice-Presidentt Academic (Fredericton)
Ian Allen Director, College of Extended Learning
Karen Cunningham Vice-President (Administration and Finance) or designate
David MaGee Vice-President (Research)

(a) Terms of Reference

(January 2002, to be reviewed after two years)

The College of Extended Learning Academic Advisory Committee will:

    1. advise the Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) and the Executive Director of the College on matters concerning:
      • academic programming carried out by and through the College;
      • learner support service needs related to the College;
      • academic policy issues related to the College;
      • such other matters as may be referred by the Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) or the Senate;
    2. review and advise the Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) on program proposals initiated by the College and/or academic units;
    3. consider and recommend review of existing programs where appropriate;
    4. develop and review objectives, plans and priorities for academic programming by and through the College;
    5. report to Senate on the academic activities of the College, at least once annually. 

(b) Membership

(Term of office: up to 3 years )

  • Ex-Offocio:
    • Vice-President Fredericton (Academic)
    • Executive Director, College of Extended Learning
    • UNBF Registrar (non-voting)
  • One Senate appointee recommended by the Senate Nominating Committee
  • One member from each Faculty
  • One librarian from the UNB Fredericton Library system and one staff person from Integrated Technology Services
  • Two Program Directors from the College
  • Two students selected by Adult Learners and Part Time Students (ALPS)

(c) Chair

Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) or designate

(d) Meetings

The Committee normally will meet at least once per terms, winter/spring and fall