Campus Recreation Advisory Committee

Membership:    2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
Jonathon Edwards (2021) (Senator) Kinesiology

(a) Structure

(February, 2001)

 The membership on this committee shall consist of:

  • Student members:
    • 2 International Coordinators
    • 2 Representatives from Inter-Residence
    • 2 Representatives from Faculty/Departments
    • 1 Representative of the Sport Club Council
    • 1 Representative from St. Thomas University
    • 1 Representative from UNB Student Representative Council
    • 1 Representative from Adult Learners And Part-Time University Students (ALPS)
  • Non-student members:
    • 1 Representative from the UNB Senate
    • 1 Representative from St. Thomas University
    • 1 Representative from UNB Alumni Association
    • 1 Associate Dean of Residence (or designate)
    • 1 Representative from Faculty of Kinesiology
    • 1 Dean of the Faculty (Serves as Chair)
  • Program personnel: (non-voting)
    • 1 Aquatics Coordinator
    • 1 Fitness/ Wellness Coordinator
    • 1 Equipment Room Supervisor
    • 1 Program Secretary
    • 1 Assistant Program Director
    • 1 Program Director

Whenever 2 representatives are indicated from one organization one shall be female and one shall be male. 

 (b) Function

It was established that the function of the committee is to provide advice to the Director and/or the Faculty Council on the general operation of the program. Among the issues and concerns upon which the committee might advise were:

  1. Membership fees (the principle of, and the amounts assessed)
  2. The allocation of facilities for campus rec. programs (i.e. vis a vis the Varsity Athletic program and academic programs, and vis a vis special/unique circumstances, such as the closing of the LBR pool)
  3. The budget and budgetary decisions of the program
  4. The recreational needs of the University community to be considered in the development of any new facility on the Fredericton campus
  5. The procedures used by the program for program registration, fee payment, facility book, etc.
  6. The types of programs/opportunities offered by the program (including balancing innovations against existing programs, long-term planning for future needs/demand)