Bookstore Advisory Committee

Membership:  2018-2019

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
Fan-Rui Meng (2019) Forestry and Environmental Management
Siobhan Hanratty (2020) Harriet Irving Library
Srijain Shrestha (2019) (Senator) Student
Jeremy Slayter (2019) (Senator) Student
TBA (2019) (Senator) Alternate Student
TBA (2019) (Senator) Alternate Student

(a) Terms of Reference

(as presented to Senate March 23, 1999, September 2004 and May 2008)

To advise the Bookstore manager and the University generally on the goal and operations of bookstore services on the Fredericton campus.

(b) Membership (10) 

  1. Four to be appointed by the UNB Fredericton Senate (two students and their alternates and two faculty members);
  2. Two to be appointed by St. Thomas University;
  3. One employee of the Bookstore (to be appointed by the UNB Employees Association);
  4. The Bookstore Manager;
  5. The Regional Manager for the external Bookstore management firm (if applicable);
  6. The Associate Vice President Fredericton (Learning Environment).
  7. To fulfill its mandate, the commission may solicit and receive representations from other individuals and groups, and carry out such surveys as it considers necessary.

(c) Chair   

To ensure that the committee meets regularly and has necessary support services, the Associate Vice-President Fredericton (Learning Environment) - as the University administrator directly responsible for the bookstore services - will be responsible for convening and chairing meetings.

(d) Reports 

While the main purpose of the committee is to provide a vehicle for ongoing and effective consultation and communication between bookstore management and representatives of the broad university constituencies most directly affected by bookstore operations, the committee will prepare an annual report on its activities and topics of general interest and concern. This report will be presented to both the Senate and Board of Governors of the University of New Brunswick and to St. Thomas University.

Reports to Senate