Academic Planning Committee

Membership:    2017-2018

(3-year terms, term expiring 30 June of year in brackets)

Name and Term ExpiryPosition / Constituency
George MacLean (Chair) [e-o] Vice-President Fredericton (Academic)
David MaGee [e-o] Acting Vice-President (Research) or Designate
Robert MacKinnon (non-voting) [e-o] Vice-President (Saint John) or Designate
Shawna Bergin (non-voting) [e-o] Registrar
Sarah DeVarenne (non-voting) [e-o] University Secretary
Elizabeth Mancke (2019) (Senator) History
Patricia Evans (2020) (Senator) Computer Science
Thomas Mengel (2019) (Senator) Renaissance College
Brigitte Leblon (2019) (Senator) FOREM
Lesley Balcom (2018) (Senator) Library
Lloyd Waugh (2020) (Senator) Engineering
Ruthfi Azzahra (2018) (Senator) Student
Kennedy Forret(2018) (Senator) Student
Jesse Reid (2018) (Senator) Alternate Student
TBA (2018) Alternate Student

(a) Terms of Reference

(Revised by F Senate November 1998, September 2001, September 2004, and May 2012)

The Senate Academic Planning Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Senate on academic planning matters on the Fredericton campus. It initiates the development and review of the academic objectives and priorities of the Fredericton campus.

without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Committee may:   

  1. advise Senate on matters concerning academic planning;
  2. develop and review long- term and mid-term objectives, plans and priorities for academic programming and curriculum development for presentation to Senate;
  3. undertake and organize such studies of, and consultations on, the University's educational objectives, methods, organization and policies as it deems necessary, or as are referred to it by the President, the Senate, or a Faculty Council through Senate;
  4. initiate planning proposal as appropriate for consideration by academic units and Senate in areas of academic programming, structure and policy;
  5. review and advise Senate on program proposals from academic units prior to submission to Senate or reference to other Senate Committees as appropriate;
  6. consider and recommend review of existing programs where appropriate.

Note: When the committee is considering matters with significant financial implications for the Fredericton campus, it is expected that it will provide the Vice-President (Finance & Corporate Services) with a copy of the documentation on these matters, and provide an opportunity for the Vice-President (Finance & Corporate Services) to discuss these matters with the committee.

(b)  Membership (13)

  • Ex-Officio
    • Vice-President Academic (Fredericton)
    • Vice-President (Research) or designate
    • Vice-President (SJ) or designate (non-voting)
    • Registrar (F) - consultant (non-voting)
    • University Secretary - Secretary (non-voting)
  • 6 Senate appointees recommended by the Senate Nominating Committee, appointees to include at least one Dean
  • 2 Students and their alternates  

(c) Chair

Vice President Academic (Fredericton)

Reports to Senate