Department of Psychology

In Psychology we ask why and how people do the things they do. You will explore human behaviour - our desires, impulses, actions and emotions - and apply scientific principles to the science of the mind.

Faculty members at UNB Saint John have particular interests in forensic psychology and criminal behaviour, perceptual and cognitive processing, addictive behaviour, psychopharmacology, human development and interpersonal relations. You can also examine the impact of brain injuries and disorders on personality and quality of life, the role of memory and what the mind chooses to forget, as well as the essence of the criminal mind.

In your first year of study you will enroll in two introductory psychology courses to give you an overview of major psychology topics; the biological basis of behaviour, personality development and abnormal psychology. At the end of your second year you may choose to declare your major or double major in psychology. In your fourth year, you may choose to complete an honours degree. 

In addition to enrollment in academic programs, field placements are available for participation with community-based corrections and mental health agencies.