Waitlist policy

Students often wonder why they cannot add a course that shows seats available. 

In our current registration system a course is closed once the first name appears on the waitlist.  Therefore, even if some registered students drop the course, it will remain closed to new registrants. Also, when we select students to be added to a course from the waitlist, the update does not happen until about 10 pm each evening. 

What appears to be available space may already be committed to other students on the waitlist.  If you want to be considered for admission to a full course, you must place your name on the waitlist.  Don't ask a business professor to admit you to the course as they will only tell you to put your name on the waitlist.

Admission to a course from the waitlist is on a priority basis.  This doesn't mean that any student with the prerequisites will be added, or that students will be added on a first come, first served basis.  This does mean that, if after looking at your academic record, it is determined that your progress will not be hampered by your waiting until next term to take the waitlisted course, you will not be added to a full course. 

This is when you will receive an email saying that you cannot be added “at this time” and that you should make alternate course selections. This doesn't mean that you do not stand a chance of being added later if seats become available (and if you will have the required prerequisites). 

Your name remains on the waitlist until you remove it or are added to the course. If seats become available (i.e. the course enrolment drops below its cap), we will continue to add qualified students from the waitlist until the start of classes each term.  However, if you want to guarantee your course enrolment before the start of classes, you should make alternate course selections.

Please don't waitlist a course for which you won't have the required prerequisite(s) by the time the course begins.  Therefore, if it is found that you have waitlisted a course for which you will not have completed the prerequisite(s) by the time the course begins, you will be removed from that waitlist. 

If you get into all the courses you want for a term, please remove yourself from the waitlists of other courses. It slows down the process of adding students if we have to go back and forth with emails only to find you no longer want a course for which you are waitlisted.

If you have been denied a seat in a course, but you feel there are some extraordinary circumstances pertaining to your request of which we should be aware, email Anne Marie Stephen with an explanation or submit a permission and request form.