Studying to fit your schedule

The University of New Brunswick provides access to a limited number of online courses via the Open Access Learning Program (OALP) of the College of Extended Learning. Such courses are counted towards the six-course limit that a BBA student may take each term.

Online courses are a self-paced, guided independent study program, designed to offer academic courses and services to individuals wishing to continue their formal education, but unable to attend conventional classroom-based courses. The OALP occasionally may be needed by a person who cannot attend regularly scheduled courses on campus due to geographic distance, family, or employment commitments.

Online policy

Staff members of the College of Extended Learning are not authorized to create online sections or to enroll full-time students in OALP offerings without the prior written consent of the Faculty of Business.

Therefore full-time students must seek written approval of the Faculty of Business before attempting to register in an online course. Students should not plan nor take any actions under the assumption that he/she will be permitted to take an online course. Normally approval is not granted for full-time students to take online courses.

Full-time students who do receive permission for online courses should note that these courses are subject to a cut-off date for registration similar to the regular ‘add and drop’ deadline of conventional classroom-based courses.  All work and assessment for an online course must be completed within a single term. Except for full-year (6 chs) courses, registration will not be authorized for courses that stretch across two or more terms.

With respect to OALP eligibility management, the Faculty of Business considers individuals who are registered as full-time students during the Fall and/or Winter terms to be full-time students during Spring and Summer Session. It is the responsibility of a student to demonstrate a case for registration in an online course.

Part-time OALP

It is recognized that part-time students may sometimes have outside commitments that make attendance in traditional classes impossible. 

For these times OALP courses may be an acceptable alternative for staying on track with their programs. Part-time students may enrol in OALP courses without permission, but are strongly encouraged to check with a business program advisor to ensure that the course(s) they plan to take will count towards their chosen program.

Online course approval process

If you are a full-time business student requesting to take an online course through the College of Extended Learning, please follow the instructions below for approval and registration:

  • Complete a Permission and Request form (PDF/XLS)
  • Complete an online registration form
  • Submit both forms, along with a copy of your unofficial transcript to Oland Hall 245
  • Your request will be reviewed by the Manager of Undergraduate Programs. You will receive an email with the results. If approved, the College of Extended Learning will be notified immediately of the approval.
  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Contact the College of Extended Learning for information on tuition and other fees.

Please take note of the deadlines to add an online course in a particular term.

For more information, please see the College of Extended Learning.