Making graduation simple

Apply for graduation online by March 1st for May graduation and by September 1st for October graduation.

That’s all you have to do - other than pass all your courses - to prepare for graduation. 

A letter including ceremony information and souvenir invitations to attend the Graduation Ceremony will be sent to your local address from the Registrar’s Office.

You should also check the grad class bulletin board -  on the first landing of the staircase to the library when leaving Tim Horton’s - on a regular basis for information on grad class activities.

Degree confirmation letters

Students who complete their degree in December, may need a confirmation letter from the Registrar stating they have completed all course requirements but will not receive their degree until the next Convocation ceremony.

If you need one of these letters for visa or employment purposes, please proceed as follows:

Step 1:  Apply for graduation online as above.
Step 2:  Complete a request form for a letter of confirmation at the Registrar’s Office.  Please note: depending on the circumstances, there may be a small fee for this service.
Step 3:  Submit an up-to-date, fully-completed audit form to - showing all courses completed and enrolment up to date.

The Faculty of Business will verify with the Registrar’s Office that you have completed all degree requirements. The Registrar’s Office will email you to indicate when you may pick up your letters.