Professional Development Program

NEEDS CAPTIONOur one year MBA is a program that blends classroom learning with practical applications and real world experience.

The program is designed to develop innovative entrepreneurial leaders, and our students enjoy small class sizes, a diverse international student body, accessible faculty and a dedicated staff. All these elements work together to hone the skills you need to compete and succeed in business today.

Our professional development program will introduce the basics of personal communication strategy and persuasion, audience analysis, credible communication, message development and delivery in both the written and oral format. In additional to the seminar and workshop format of classes, personalized feedback and coaching will be offered to help develop and sharpen these critical skills.

Topics covered will include writing at the graduate level and for the professional workplace, verbal and non-verbal communication, cross-cultural communication, negotiation, and writing in the public space.

Initially, this course will focus on the development of the communication and negotiation skills needed for effective group collaboration. Secondly, students will be taught to write effectively at the graduate level and deliver effective presentations. The final phase of the course will continue with the development of effective collaboration skills for the professional workplace.

We also offer many opportunities to network and build community connections throughout the one year program. You will be given the opportunity to attend Chamber of Commerce events, special business mixers, and industry events.