Excellent quality of life

Alex Palmer

I was born just outside of Sheffield, Yorkshire and went to the University of Hull in England. I was recruited as a merchandiser for Coca-Cola and later worked as a group brand manager with Pernod Ricard.  I then moved to Belfast with Diageo as their Trade Marketing Manager and worked in Ireland for 7 years before making my way to Saint John.

I decided to pursue a long-time dream; to complete an MBA in a part of the world with an excellent quality of life.  Saint John was an ideal city.  It is large enough to have all amenities, and also allows me to enjoy all the outdoor activities that are at the heart of Canadian life and the University offered an excellent one year MBA program.

I like to keep my options options open, and the MBA at UNBSJ caters to this approach. It supports international students who wish to stay in the workforce in New Brunswick after graduating and introduces you to the key employers in the City of Saint John.

The whole package is excellent, both on and off campus.  There is a genuine friendliness in the residents of Saint John.  The university is small enough that the business faculty gets to know you by name.  The scenery and wildlife is fantastic.  In my neighbourhood I have seen beavers, deer, groundhogs, moose, coyotes, racoons, and bald eagles; a huge plus coming from a crowded country where seeing wildlife is a rare treat.

The MBA is a voyage of self-discovery.  The key difference at UNB SJ is the faculty; they get to know you and support you.  I have not come across a better environment in which to reach your potential.

Alex Palmer
Shefflield, UK