Project FOCUS & You

How Project FOCUS affects you depends on your role and what resources you use. Everyone will see changes to their daily routines. More specific information will become available as the project moves forward, and we will communicate regularly as individual projects begin. 

Several areas which need updating have been identified. Examples have been listed for most areas to provide context as to what may be affected: 

  • Financial Systems
    • General Ledger & sub-ledgers (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, etc.)
    • Financial Reporting
    • Budgeting
    • Sub-systems such as Payroll & Expense Claim Processing
  • Student Systems
    • Awards & Scholarships
    • Student Planning & Student Success
    • Recruitment
    • Enrolment
  • Human Resource Systems
    • Contract Academic Employees
    • Position Management & Reporting
  • Advancement Systems
  • Reporting Functionality
    • Informer
    • Data Warehouse
  • Software and Technology
    • eServices
    • WebAdvisor

The first project to be initiated under Project FOCUS is FOCUS Financials, which will involve assessing and re-engineering UNB’s General Ledger and related business processes, updating UNB’s Colleague system to support the new business processes, and implementing new functionality to support improved financial management practices. 

Also underway in Project FOCUS are FOCUS CAE, FOCUS Awards, and FOCUS Continuing Education.

For additional information please see the blogs for the various FOCUS projects or email