FOCUS Financials

FOCUS Financials will explore the improvement of the tools, processes and information technology resources UNB employs to process and report financial and other related information. It will result in the university having better, timelier access to information, more flexible reporting, and automation of processes where applicable.

This initiative includes the review and redesign of our General Ledger (GL), which is the backbone for all financial information at UNB.  In order to improve the tools and processes that interact with the GL, such as reporting and governance, this foundation must be reviewed and redesigned first.

As FOCUS Financials moves forward, the steering committee and working groups will be reaching out to stakeholders for consultation and input as required to ensure that users’ requirements are considered in the redesign. A project of this magnitude cannot move forward without the support of the community as Colleague is critical to all students, faculty and staff on both campuses.

FOCUS Financials is being led by a steering committee composed of senior staff from the areas of university financials, research, and budgeting.

The sponsors of this initiative are: 

-       Cindy Flann, director of financial services & assistant comptroller 
-       Terry Nikkel, associate vice-president, ITS

The steering committee consists of:

-       Cindy Flann, director of financial services & assistant comptroller [Chair of Steering Committee]
-       Mark Warren, director, resource planning & budgeting
-       Charlotte McIntosh, manager, research funds
-       Heather Finkle, director, financial & administrative services
-       Lori Murray-Hawkins, director, enterprise systems
-       Heather Ongo, director of business transformation 

For the most up-to-date information about how FOCUS Financials is progressing and what's new, please visit the project blog.

If you have questions about this or any other FOCUS initiative, please email