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New cybersecurity threat (KRACK) impacts all devices that use Wi-Fi

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Faculty, staff and students - A new cybersecurity threat known as KRACK was recently discovered that impacts all your devices that use wireless networks (Wi-Fi) including phones, computers, tablets, cars, routers and more.

How does KRACK work?

This security flaw allows hackers to break into the secure connection between devices and Wi-Fi. Once they gain access, hackers may then monitor your online activities to try and steal your personal information such as passwords, financial information, emails and texts.

How can I protect myself and my devices?

  • Update your devices as soon as updates become available. Many device manufacturers are working to fix this security flaw through updates. Please contact your device manufacturer for specific details on when updates will be available.
  • Monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity. If you notice something out of the ordinary, contact the proper authorities (the UNB IT Service Desk, your bank, local police, etc.).
  • Use a wired network connection whenever possible, especially if you are dealing with sensitive information.
  • Use data instead of Wi-Fi on your mobile phone if you have a good cellular data plan.
  • Use secure websites (https) whenever possible; where a secure option doesn’t exist, use a wired network connection if possible.
  • Use a Virtual Privacy Network (VPN) like UNB’s VPN.
  • Change your passwords after every update (this will not prevent attacks but will help secure your passwords in case you were hacked).


If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at 457-2222 (Fredericton), 657-2222 (Saint John), or itservicedesk@unb.ca.