Computer Equipment Repair


Faculty and Staff can have UNB-owned equipment repaired for free.  If you are experiencing issues with your equipment, please do the following:

  1. Contact your Level 1, who can assess your need for repair and make suggestions to proceed.
  2. Print the Computer Repair Agreement & Liability Waiver, fill it out and attach to your machine.
  3. Fill out our Request Assistance or give Feedback online form.

Saint John:

Please contact Professional Client Services for more information on repair/disposal of computer equipment.

Disposal of Hardware

Departments may choose one of the following options:

Sell or give equipment to the UNB Community for continued use as an UNB asset

  • Equipment is re-located to the department which purchased or was given the equipment - send updated ownership information to UNB Procurement Services for asset management purposes.

Ship equipment to ITS for redeployment or approved disposal

  • Equipment is sent to ITS at the end user department’s cost. Please contact your IT Service Desk to arrange an appropriate time and date for ITS to receive the equipment.