Convocation organizing committee

Judith Currie Ceremonies & Events Coordinator, Conference Services
Hannah Classen Communications
Natalie Montgomery
Aaron McDevitt Marketing
Trina Quinlan
President's Office
Michelle McNeil President's Office
Doug Beairsto AV Specialist
Eddy Campbell President and Vice-Chancellor
Gwen Davies Orator
Shirley Cleave Orator
Linda Kealey Orator
Steve Hampsey Buildings & Grounds Supervisor, Facilities Management
Shawna Bergin
Mario Warren
Operations Supervisor, Security & Traffic
Gil Vautour
Faculty Marshal and Associate Registrar
Judy Roy
University Marshal
David Saad Facility Operations Manager, Richard J. CURRIE CENTER
Shelley Perry Faculty Marshal and Associate Registrar
Lana MacDonald
Faculty Marshal and Associate Registrar
Annette Wetmore Alumni Student Engagement Co-coordinator, Alumni Office