Health & Wellness   

A balanced diet and an active lifestyle are an essential part of a student's overall health and well-being.  Here are a few tools to help you along your way:

Health and Wellness Toolbox            

  • Dietary Needs?  Concerns?  Questions?  Please contact your Residence Dining Hall Manager.  You can do this by visiting People on our website.  They are happy to help!
  • Vegetarian?  Read our flyers for information on Balanced Vegetarian Choices at UNB in both Retail and Residence Locations.

Wellness Resources

  • The Healthy Food Services Group Incubator Project is a joint initiative to place an emphasis on healthy eating and education to students and employees at UNB. The Healthy Food Services Group Incubator Project is driven by a committee of students and representatives from Dining Services and led by Dr. Mary McKenna. Here is an information poster by the Healthy Food Services Group Incubator Project

    Please check our our HFSG Healthy Identifier Badges!!, which are located on all menu items served in our Retail and Residence Dining Locations.
  • Use the Nutrition Calculator to determine your personal dietary and nutritional info and check out My Fitness Pal at  They have a great interactive website with all the tools you need to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.  (Some of our Dishes are on it!)
  • Click here to go to the UNB Fredericton Campus Wellness Page!  Don't miss the Student Health 101 link!!

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The following nutrition tips are provided by Ellen MacIntosh-Harris, Registered Dietitian.