DUT Registration


The DUT is open to all full and part-time faculty members and contract instructors, and to all registered full and part-time graduate students for the cost of $350.00.  Non-UNB persons wishing to participate in the course will be required to pay $665.00 (based on UNB course fees).  Since enrolment is limited, graduate students, new faculty and contract instructors will be given first preference.


Please register for the Diploma in University Teaching at the College of Extended Learning, Wu Conference Centre.  The registration deadline is one week before the start of each session.  For more information, please contact CETL at 453-4704. Please note: A minimum number of registrations are required for the DUT to be offered.

The program is administered by the Diploma in University Coordinator for Teaching and Learning Services.

Workshops and evening sessions are facilitated by the Diploma in University Coordinator and other faculty members who provide expertise in various areas of teaching scholarship.

Program Cost

A program fee of $350 is paid by each UNB participant at the time of registration.  Non UNB people are welcome to register but will pay the equivalent of a course fee of $665. Payment methods include cash, cheque and debit.  A receipt will be given at time of payment. 

Refund Policy:

A full refund is available up until the first class.  After the first class, a pro-rated refund is available.  After the second class, no refunds will be given.


One textbook is recommended as a reference:

  • Davis, B.G. (2009) Tools for Teaching (2nd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (A mega-compilation of ideas and actual techniques that can be used in teaching.  A classic.  An excellent reference book -- everything you ever wanted to know about teaching.  Completely revised in Jan. '09.)

Other books you might want to look at or purchase:

  •  McKeachie, W.J., and Svincki, M., (2010).  McKeachie's Teaching Tips: Strategies, research and theory for college and university teachers (13th edition). Boston: Houghton Mifflin. (This book is also an excellent reference for all aspects of teaching.  Very practical and easy to read.)
  • Cote, J.E., and Allaher A.L. (2007).  Ivory Tower Blues: a university system in crisis. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. (A very conservative but nonetheless well researched and challenging critique of how universities are dealing with this new generation of students.)
  • Bain, K. (2004).  What the Best College Teachers Do.  Cambridge: Harvard University Press. (An excellent compendium of successful teachers' approaches and strategies.)