Educational Software

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a web-based classroom response system that allows instructors to ask their students multiple-choice and open-ended questions during class. Students can respond to questions via text message or through a browser on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. The responses are collected in real-time and can be shared with students to provide immediate feedback.
UNB has purchased a license for Poll Everywhere which provides the entire UNB community with access to the system. Contact Emily Clark (Fredericton Campus) or Mary Astorino (Saint John Campus) to get your class set up.

Do you have students who don’t own a mobile device? CETL's Fredericton’s Equipment Pool (room 133 of Marshall d’Avray) now has 10 iPod Touch Devices available for students to borrow for an entire term for classes that use Poll Everywhere. To borrow an iPod Touch, the instructor must email Rebecca Ham requesting that the device be loaned. Please indicate the student name and the term they will need it (Fall, Winter, Summer). The student can then borrow the device using their UCard.

These iPod Touch Devices were funded through the Student Technology Fee.


Turning Technologies offer a physical clicker device to poll students in a classroom setting. These TurningPoint clickers can be used to actively engage students, improve retention, and immediately assess learning. TurningPoint clickers send information using radio frequency signals, so students do not need to access the Internet to participate.

Physical clicker devices may be appropriate when polling students without access to a mobile device. Physical clickers offer an inclusive solution to this problem.

UNB Fredericton has 30 clicker devices that can be loaned out for short periods of time. For long-term use or more frequent clicker usage, UNB can provide you with information for purchasing clickers from TurningPoint.

Free Software


This is a free web-based, multiple choice question repository, where students develop questions pertaining to course content. Students create questions with up to 5 plausible answers and provide explanations for the correct answer. The questions can include text, equations, graphs, chemical formulae and images. Students also answer questions submitted by others. Once they have done so, they see which answer option is listed as correct, the distribution of the responses contributed to date and an explanation of the answer. Additionally, students can request help from the author of a question, rate the question for difficulty and quality, and comment on the question. Only the instructor can see the name of the author of questions or comments to allow the option of intervening if anything inappropriate is posted. The instructor does not edit, correct or comment on the questions.

For more information see the PeerWise Section at ITL


This free (pro for $15/yr.) web-based or desktop screen-recording program allows you to record your screen and audio at the same time and save the finished product as a video. Educational uses for Screencast-o-matic include narrating PowerPoint presentations, providing assignment feedback to students by demonstrating exactly where they went wrong, and demonstrating a step-by-step process.

For more information see the Screencast-o-matic Section at ITL


This free student-response system is available for any device with an Internet connection.  There are 2 apps - a teacher app for the instructor to prepare questions and a student app for students to supply responses. Instructors create questions on the fly or preplan a quiz and collect responses from students live during class. Results are immediately available, so instructors can tailor instructor to student need and spend less time on assessment. There is a limit to 50 students using Socrative at one time.


Doceri is a free whiteboard recording app for the iPad or Windows 8 tablet.  It can be used to record instructional videos for students by annotating slides or creating drawings as you narrate.  These videos can then be posted in your D2L course shell.  Doceri Desktop, a $30 application for your PC or Mac, allows you to wirelessly control your computer using your tablet.  Thus, you can move about the classroom without being tethered to your computer, and create a recording of your lecture as you go.


Padlet is a free, online bulletin board, accessible from any web browser.  It may be used as a collaboration tool or as a presentation tool.  A padlet board allows users to enter text, weblinks, images, or videos.  It may be used to have all students in a class contribute to an idea or respond to a question, or by the instructor as a notice board.