What's New In D2L Brightspace? - June 2018 Release Notes

Below, you'll find the top items in the June, 2018 Continuous Delivery Release for D2L Brightspace. These updates will be live on the third Friday of the listed month:

1) Grades – Linked discussion threads 

When assessing a discussion post in the Assess Post pop-up, an instructor can now see a link to the original discussion post. This allows instructors to see more information about why the user posted that reply, or what other learners replied to their post. Previously, there was no hyperlink, and instructors had to open Discussions and manually find the information.

2) Rubrics - Imporved

- Rubric feedback now has a consistent appearance across tools in Brightspace Learning Environment, including responsive display on desktops and mobile devices. The grading criteria that a learner achieves in an activity is highlighted in the rubric. Also, the Overall Score row is removed and replaced by a Total row for the entire rubric.
- Rubric feedback for assignments now appears at the top of the Assignment Feedback page.
- Assignments now include detailed overall feedback, rubric feedback, and score in the Content tool. Previously, assignments only included overall feedback and score in the Content tool and Assignment Feedback page. 
- The Discussions and Content tools now include overall feedback, detailed rubric feedback, and score. Feedback displays to learners as soon as instructors save rubric and overall feedback assessment. Previously, discussions only included score.
- Feedback for quiz submissions is now viewed by clicking the new View Feedback link under the Feedback column. Previously, quiz submissions included a text bubble icon that linked to quiz feedback.


3) HTML Editor – Emoticons available 

Emoticons are now available across Brightspace Learning Environment in the HTML Editor. Use them to express feelings or mood in announcements, instructions, discussion posts, and anywhere else the HTML Editor is available. 

For a complete list of the items in the June 2018 Continuous Delivery Release, Click Here.