What's New In D2L Brightspace? - July 2018 Release Notes

Below, you'll find the top items in the July, 2018 Continuous Delivery Release for D2L Brightspace. These updates will be live on the third Friday of the listed month:

Assignments - Direct Text Submission type

Instructors can now create Text Submission assignment types in Brightspace Learning Environment. The new Text Submission type allows learners to create text documents for submission directly in Assignments using a rich text editor, eliminating the need to attach a file. Previously, learners had to create documents outside of Brightspace Learning Environment, then add them as attachments to their submissions within Assignments. This feature enables learners to work directly within Brightspace Learning Environment, allowing for a simpler workflow and standard file type submissions.

Course grouping tabs in the My Courses widget

Courses that appear in the My Courses widget can now be grouped by Semester Name or Role when the Update Sort Logic view is enabled. Administrators can customize the course groupings directly in the widget via the Customize this widget option. Once a course grouping option is selected, the courses are separated into tabs within the widget for easy viewing and selection.


For a complete list of the items in the June 2018 Continuous Delivery Release, Click Here.