Grades - D2L Brightspace Tool Of The Month (November 2017)

       Are you tired of using Excel spreadsheets to manage your students' grades? Are you searching for an automated, convenient and secure alternative?

      Well, great news! The Grades tool in D2L allows you to enter and manage all the grades for your course and offers a quick and easy way to submit your final letter grades to the Registrar’s Office.


       As an instructor you can determine how to set up your grade book to best reflect your approach to evaluation, including the grading system and grade scheme that is most appropriate for your course.

    You can select how grades display to students, how they update in the grade book, and how you want to deal with ungraded items. You can grade items for projects, assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc. to include in your grade book, and even associate them with other tools (e.g. Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions). You can also manually enter grades from assignments or quizzes given in class. Finally, the Grades tool calculates your final grade for you, saving you from making any calculation errors that may occur if done manually.


You can also :

  • Add a D2L rubric to a grade item
  • Exempt a particular student from a grade item
  • Categorize your grade items and drop the lowest score/s if required
  • Provide feedback or comments to students.
  • View the event log to see the changes made to a particular user’s grades

As you plan your grade book in D2L Brightspace, consider:

  • What grade items you plan to evaluate.
  • Which grading system is most appropriate for your course: points, weight or a custom formula.
  • How you will allocate points or weights across grade items.
  • Which grade items you want to associate with course objects.
  • If you want to include a milestone grade at least once during the course.
  • How you want to calculate final grades.

If you would like to learn more, or, would like some assistance in creating your grade book in D2L Brightspace, please contact us at

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