Discussions Grading - D2L Brightspace Tool Of The Month (July 2018)

Discussions are a great way to help students connect with the material and learn from each other. This can be done as emergent and supplemental in any course, but some some courses this is a part of the evaluation. For those who use Discussions in D2L Brightspace, June's update has made this even easier, so there has never been a better time to integrate discussions into your courses with D2L Brightspace. 

New feature: Grades – Linked discussion threads are now available.

When assessing a discussion post in the Assess Post pop-up, an instructor can now see a link to the original discussion post. This allows instructors to see more information about why the user posted that reply, or what other learners replied to their post. Previously, there was no hyperlink, and instructors had to open Discussions and manually find the information.

Videos on D2L Discussions:

  • How to Create a Discussion Forum (9:25)
  • How to Create a Discussion Topic (10:13)
  • Creating Group Discussions in D2L Brightspace (10:52)
  • How to Embed YouTube Videos into Discussion Topics (video, 3:13)
  • How to View All of a Students Posts within a Discussion Topic (video, 4:54)

If you'd like assistance importing course content from your previous offerings or using the features in manage dates, email us at d2L@unb.ca.