Faculty Resource Guides

How to Activate Your Course

  • How to Grant Your Students Access (pdf)

How to Search and Pin Your Courses

  • How to Search and Pin Your Courses (pdf)

How to Join Courses

  • Joining Courses in D2L Brightspace (pdf)

How to Copy Course Materials from Term to Term

  • Copying Course Materials From Term to Term (pdf)

Copyright Information

  • Copyright in D2L Brightspace (pdf)

Library E-Resources Guide

  • How to set up Library Resources in your D2L Brightspace Course (pdf)
  • How to properly link to an E-Resource in D2L Brightspace Content (pdf)


  • Table of Contents Overview (pdf)
  • How to Create a Module/Folder (pdf)
  • How to Hide a Module/Folder (pdf)
  • How to Edit a Module Name (pdf)
  • How to Delete a Module/Folder (pdf)
  • How to Create a New Document/Webpage (pdf)
  • How to Create a Weblink (pdf)
  • How to Add a Topic/File to Your Course without Using Drag and Drop (pdf)
  • How to Copy Course Materials From One Course to Another (pdf)
  • How to Delete a File/Topic (pdf)
  • How to Add an Existing Activity to Content Folder (pdf)
  • How to Get Embedded Videos To Run Properly In Your Browser (pdf)


  • How to Add a Teaching Assistant (pdf)


  • How to Create a Forum (pdf)
  • How to Create a Topic (pdf)
  • How to Delete a Topic (pdf)
  • How to Switch to Grid View (pdf)
  • How to Assess/Grade a Discussion Submission (pdf)


  • How to Create an Assignment (pdf)
  • How to Assess/Grade an Assignment (pdf)


  •  How to Forward Email to a Personal Email Account (pdf)


  • How to Select Grading System For Your Gradebook (pdf)
  • How to Set Up Your Gradebook (pdf)
  • How to Create a Grade Item (Numeric) (pdf)
  • How to Enter Grades (pdf)
  • How to Drop Grade Items from a Category in your Gradebook (pdf)
  • How to Manage What Learners See in the Gradebook (pdf)


  • How to Create Groups (pdf)


  • How to Create News Items (pdf)


  • How to Manually Send Quiz Grades to the Grades Tool (pdf)
  • How to Clear/Reset a Students Quiz Attempt (pdf)
  • How to Assess Quiz Submission (pdf)

Virtual Classroom

  • How to create a Virtual Classroom (YouSeeU) meeting (pdf)